The gear of the vaquero has always fascinated me. It is a functional art form
passed down through centuries. From the bridle and bit to the reins and saddle,
the traditional vaquero gear is made by hand and is a work of
art in and of itself.
In this pencil drawing, I feature a close-up of a bridle horse’s face
highlighting the details of his sterling adorned bridle, his braided rawhide bosal
with a horsehair mecate rope and his sterling silver spade bit.
I loved the challenge of capturing each form and texture and hopefully
have honored this rich and beautiful tradition.

This original 40" x 30" pencil drawing is created on a water color panel and protected with a
clear acrylic coating. It is framed in a contemporary 1 1/4" wide black frame.

***Concho has won BOTH the Art of the West Magazine and People's Choice award at the
Women Artist of the West's 52nd Annual National Exhibition
held at the McBride Gallery in Annapolis, MD.
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